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CUSTOM ORDER ONLYSTAINED GLASS REVERSABLE ROSETTE SPOONBILL - This piece is about 25" in diameter, and hung from steel cables.  This type of hanging, allows the piece to be hung in a window, and the sun will not melt the hooks, like the add-on hooks do.  I have had several pieces that the hook let go, and the piece crashed to the floor. This piece is about 25" in diameter, but it can be custom built for you in any size and any colors. can also be made to be square or rectangular.This piece is reversible, and can be hung facing either direction.  The water is made from blue-green varigated glass and an aqua blue transparent glass.  The sky is transparent sky-blue glass.  The bird is non-transparent pink varigated, and the tree a variagated brown.  The leaves are a transparent variegated green stained glass.  All pieces pick up the sunshine, as you can see in the pictures.

CUSTOM ORDERS - 25" Round Rosette Spoonbill Panel

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